Creepy Rising Animatronic Doll

Animated Creeper Character has a soft PVC head with a moving mouth and light-up eyes, a tattered costume with gauze details and blow-molded hands. The prop starts at a 40″ height with the head down and the arms folded into the chest; as he rises to 60″ the head lifts, eyes light up and arms open out to the side. Sturdy metal frame has the rising mechanism attached. Also includes a UL adapter, IR sensor with Step Here pad option included. Functions include: Steady-On, Try-Me, or Sensor. This item could also be used with a fog machine to give a creepy effect (not included). Recommended for indoor or covered porch use only. When activated, he says: “Hello…Do you want to play with me? Let’s play a game! The rules are very simple…come over here and I’ll show you…Don’t be afraid. Come a little closer…that’s right… Here, let me stand up so I can see you better… (His voice changes) Ah yes, now I can see you–you look good enough to eat! We can play hide and seek if you want to…you run… and I’ll come and find you! I love a good chase! (Gives a childish giggle)”.

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