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POP! Futurama Zoidberg Vinyl Figure

  • POP! Futurama Zoidberg Vinyl Figure

    Looking for a new vinyl Funko figure to put on your desk? Why not Zoidberg? This POP! Futurama Zoidberg Vinyl Figure has all of the lobster-esque qualities that he has on the Matt Groening show, except he's smaller, more adorable and he's completely lacking the stink glands. He looks great on your desk, but don't ...

    Futurama Throw Pillow -15%

  • Futurama Throw Pillow

    Let's do this from the claws up. Whether we cryogenically freeze ourselves for 1000 years or fuel our robot alcoholism daily, we Earthicans all hustle to survive. 'Futurama' meets 2014 Oscar nominated film 'American Hustle' by David O. Russell, version B

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    Futurama Planet Express Ship

  • Futurama Planet Express Ship

    The fictional spaceship is manufactured by Quantum Mechanics. The legandary ship was designed by Professor Farnsworth.

    Hero-glyphics: Planet Express Mug

  • Hero-glyphics: Planet Express Mug

    This is the part of the ongoing hero-glyphic series.

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