Gun Condiment Dispenser

And now, a dramatic reading from the hit 1930s film, “The Godfurter Part II:” “Alright, stick ’em up, hot dog! You’ve laid in your last bun, you see? Time’s up… you’ve been a wiener for too long, but you’re really a loser, you see?! Time to face the ketchup! BANG BANG! BANG!” …And Scene. Thanks to this handy gun condiment dispenser, you can recreate your favorite scenes from all the great hot dog capers of the 30s and 40s. Or you can just put a little mustard and ketchup on your pronto pup, it’s totally up to you. But don’t forget, Sauerkraut doesn’t pay…

  • Plastic Sauce Gun dispenses ketchup or mustard when trigger is pulled
  • Easily insert cartridge full of your favorite condiment and let ‘er rip!

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