Mermaid Sequins Backpack

Know what the biggest problem with being a mermaid is? Well, besides all the kids who ask if you’re Ariel and the nosy Animal Planet documentary filmmakers. Next biggest problem? No pockets.

How can you be expected to lure sailors to their deaths on the rocks if you don’t have your magic comb to tame your long tresses after endless days in salt water? Or how can you possibly serve up hot, delicious coffee without the Sharpie with which to write someone’s (not)name? And don’t even think about forgoing your suntan lotion that stays on in the water. That’s why all mermaids carry this backpack. It is the official backpack of mermaids everywhere. Well, okay. It’s not waterproof. So you probably want to ensure everything inside is if you’re going diving with it. But other than that, it’s the perfect way to tote all your mermaid-y goodies with you wherever you go.

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